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    Eleganza Concrete Porcelain Tile – Urban Sophistication

    If you’ve been meaning to cement your relationship with a clean, modern look in flooring, then look no further than Eleganza Concrete Porcelain Tile! These super-sized 24 inch by 48 inch tiles resemble concrete slabs, with out the hassle of mixing, pouring and setting a concrete floor. Perfect for large spaces, indoors or out, this versatile flooring comes in four shades, each with varying hues and textures. The option of either a matte or a semi-polished finish gives you plenty of options to customize the perfect effect for your home, office, or retail space!

    The silver-toned Argento color of Eleganza Concrete tile brings an industrial look in your kitchen and goes perfectly with brushed nickel fixtures and stainless steel appliances. Argento also works wonderfully in lofts and art / gallery spaces to showcase the architecture and design of the featured works.

    The aptly named Ash Grey Eleganza Concrete tile possesses a sleek and minimalist appeal. It lends itself to bringing an open airiness to any space and works beautifully in rooms with natural light. Never over powering, let this tile be the blank canvas upon which your designer palette can play.

    The nocturnal grays of Gun Powder Eleganza Concrete tile ground any space in an air of serious sophistication. No frills and all business, this is the power tie of flooring. Add a red leather couch and a wrought iron chandelier, and you are ready to rule your world!

    White Cloud Pairs well with natural fibers, wood grains and a sturdy farm table and for a boho look. Just a blush of rose pink is hinted at in this colorway, so it softens easily with a touch of lace and a flower arrangement. We can’t promise you’ll bake like Martha Stewart once this is in your home, but it will sure look like it’s “a good thing”!

    Eleganza Concrete Tiles go with almost anything, install quickly, and are a great pool-side or garden decking alternative. About the only drawback to the Eleganza Concrete Tile collection is that you can’t pour any “concrete shoes” for sinking that annoying neighbor off of the pier…. But then again, we’re pretty sure that’s not approved of by the Home Owner’s Association, so that is just as well.


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    Reclaimed Wood Look – Super Chic

    Marazzi Preservation Porcelain Tile has mastered combining the look of reclaimed wood planks with the classic performance and durability of fine Italian porcelain tiles. The distinct markings of sanded and distressed boards is so realistic you can almost smell the hot sawdust! Yet, you can totally scrub this floor with a wet mop or use a steam cleaner to get the most effective germ free surfaces and not worry about damaging your fabulous floor! That’s right: this is child, dog, stiletto and fire dancer proof! Legend has it that it was tested out at burning man, and not one bohemian flame throwing rave dancing artist could damage these tiles. We’re fairly sure that they are ready for your home in greater suburbia!

    Plank dimensions come in two hearty sizes: wide 6” x 36” boards and beefy 9” x 36” planks. Choose from Marazzi Preservation Porcelain collection’s three hearty color ways! Ninja’s love the dark shadows and toasty patina of Marazzi Preservation Porcelain Aged Walnut. These handsome dark boards look rustic and bring a real sense of character to a room. Paired with a cow hide rug and a pair of Tony Lamma’s this is the perfect floor for your urban ranch! Marazzi Preservation Porcelain’s Distressed Oak features a lighter pallet of wheaten hues and a kiss of southwestern sienna’s. Warm and welcoming, you’ll want this flooring option to run throughout your home from the master bedroom to the kitchen! Marazzi Preservation Porcelain’s Petrified Gray is a stately and dignified flooring option with its medium tones that go with absolutely everything! A person could get used to waking up to a fresh cup of coffee and a floor as stunning as this every day!

    If you’ve been looking to preserve your love of lumber without harming a single tree, then Marazzi Preservation Porcelain planks are the perfect solution to your evergreen sensibilities!


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    Crossville Speakeasy – Latest Wood Look Tile

    Crossville Speakeasy Porcelain tile bring the authentic look and texture of reclaimed barn planks taken right out of a juice joint from the prohibition era, yet they provide all the resilience of Crossville’s Porcelain Stone technology! No password or secret knock is needed for you to access this luscious all-American hardwood look in five different colorways, perfect for your home or retail space!

    Line your coffers and your floors with the moneyed look of Crossville Speakeasy’s Bank Roll porcelain planks. Let the rich, deep brown warmth of this flooring embrace you when you come home from a rough day of counting your Benjamins. Bank Roll’s Cuban Cigar good looks pair with leather furnishings, and a snifter of cognac.

    For a lighter, honeyed tone of brown, you can’t go wrong with Sweet Georgia Brown! The knot work and grain patterns are highlighted with a caramel kiss that will give you diabetes if you aren’t careful. A tasteful and toasty way to warm up any room, Crossville Speakeasy’s Sweet Georgia Brown Porcelain planks are resilient enough for the kitchen and elegant enough for the dining room.

    Pour yourself some bathtub gin and slip into something silky to fully appreciate the svelte look of Crossville Speakeasy’s Silver Screen Porcelain planks. These silver oak inspired panels can go anywhere you desire a touch of classic American beauty. Feel like Gene Harlow as you take a bubble bath in your claw-foot tub, surrounded by Crossville Speakeasy’s Silver Screen Porcelain flooring. Not only will it make a splash in your master bathroom, it can handle the splashes from your shower and tub, unlike traditional wood flooring!

    The beige tones and hand planed texture are the signature look of Crossville Speakeasy’s Zoot Suit Porcelain planks. This Ash inspired hardwood look brings a light neutral color pallet perfect for open floor plans and any room that you need to have a rustic touch in.

    The smooth finish and fluid wood grains of Crossville Speakeasy’s Sidecar Porcelain planks take the edge off of the harshest day! Subtle tonal variations within each piece create a dreamy look that flows seamlessly throughout for a soft look.

    Once again the Floor Ninja has knocked out all the middlemen to get you the goods on the Q-T. Now you don’t have to bootleg your flooring – which is good because, honestly, I don’t know how you’d fit these 6, 8, and 12 inch wide pieces into your boots… and all 36 inches of their length up your pant legs… Crossville Speakeasy Porcelain tiles make it easy to say goodbye to dry flooring, and hello to the top shelf of good taste!


    Who is The Ninja? She is a savvy, stealthy, and smart style assassin who gets every job done. She looks great in a cat suit, but you’ll never see her coming, unless you should be lucky enough to see her the moment before your demise! Her army of precision trained mercenaries stalk flooring trade shows, and move undetected through the marketplace. The Ninja’s discipline pays of when she uses her agility to post the best products online with lightning fast speed! Hi-Ya!


    The Ninja karate chops through tile and flooring of all sorts to bring you only the latest, greatest and best selection with expert timing.

    Fast as a Throwing Star, she is scanning bamboo, cork, glass, hardwood, laminate, metal, leather, natural stone, rubber, tile and vinyl to find the freshest looks and bring the most eco-friendly materials to you!


    The Ninja honors both your pocket book and your quest for fine flooring. She feels for the natural contours of stone with her soft-soled tabbes. Her sensitive fingers feel the hand scraped hardwood texture of her target’s floorboards. Her gleaming dark eyes spy through the slit of her mask: she observes with keen vision the polished ceramics, textured tiles, brushed metals, and shimmering glass mosaics in her target’s private palace. With her sensitive ears, she hears only silence as she scampers across cork flooring. She has found the sought after treasures, perfect for her client.


    Nunchuks cached neatly away in her belt, she grabs the samples from her latest mission. Back at her secret abode, she uploads all she knows for you to peruse online at your leisure.

    So as you scroll through and find a thing or two that is to your liking, just know that The Ninja was here. With her one inch punch, three inch heels, and fast as Bruce Lee, she is breaking through pricing blocks for you. Charming as Jackie Chan, she does what she can, to bring exceptional products to you!

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